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16 October 2020

It ended successfully the 8th edition of Corso d’Opera 2020 in Florence

Florence, September 2020 – The 8th edition of the Corso d’Opera Masterclass ended with “the grand finale” on 12 September! This year the Corso d’Opera took […]
9 March 2020

Deadline for Applications Postponed Until 4 April

Corso d’Opera, 8th edition Enrollment Deadline Postponed until 4 April Cortona, 29 June – 19 July 2020 The Final Selection will be held in Florence Florence, […]
5 February 2020

The 8th edition is ready for launch!

Corso d’Opera, 8th Edition New date 24 august– 13 september 2020 One of the most important Italian lyric masterclass- Corso d’Opera- is prepared to restore vitality […]
3 February 2020

NEWS 2020: Walter Vergnano is the new President of Corso d’Opera

Walter Vergnano succeeds Dominique Meyer as the head of the association promoting the Italian Masterclass of reference for the high education of young opera singers.  The […]
10 January 2019

Happy 2019 by Corso d’Opera, it was a brilliant start!

The Corso d’Opera’s 2019 has started with a great appointment at the Teatro Verdi in Florence: The New Year Concert! The theater was almost full with […]
18 December 2018

On the 1st January 2019 celebrate the New Year together with Corso d’Opera and Orchestra della Toscana!

The Corso d’Opera’s 2019 stats with an unmissable double appointment in Florence and in Viareggio: Galà Lirico di Capodanno. On Tuesday the 1st January two great […]