Lyric opera is one of the basic principles of our national identity. From the beginning of the 18th century extaordinary Italian composers and performers have conquered Europe, giving birth to a unique cultural phenomenon which is recognized as one of the world’s great heritages.

In Italy today the political will to cultivate artistic excellence is lacking.  We need to safeguard our traditon, pass along the passion to a new generation and fulfill the expectations of our existing and loyal public.

The Corso d’Opera plans to create a sustainable model of investment to give new life to lyric opera by uniting the best of human, economic and institutional resources.
Through the selection of qualified  young singers, supporting their training, and guiding them toward a professional career, they will become ambassadors of Italian excellence around the world.

Operational Objectives

The advanced courses offered in Cortona by the Corso d’Opera, are addressed to all young professionals who wish to deepen not only their technical training, both musical and interpretative, and their stagecraft, but also to understand the various professional components that are essential to the development of a career in opera.
We offer to our young artists ‘teachers’ of the highest international level, who, with their knowledge of training and artistic development, create the most suitable and personalized programs to develop the specific talents of each student. This allows the singers to reach the highest possible level and reduce to a minimum the mistakes often made at the beginning of a career which can have a lasting impact on the future development of a singer.

In addition to the main courses, we will offer discussions and seminars with artists and industry professionals in order to further deepen the development of young artists and to expand their knowledge of their profession, in all its details and facets.

The Corso d’Opera will continue to expand its network with the most important opera houses in Italy and abroad in order for [the] young professionals, prepared by these courses, to participate in their artistic programming and take part in international opera competitions. Also, the Corso d’Opera will offer study grants to the most deserving singers to study Italian opera in our own country.

Furthermore, with your support, we aspire to create a complete Opera and Theatre School with training courses for theatrical personnel in technical and administrative services: electricians, machinists, props makers, tailors, makeup artists, hair stylists, managers in all sectors, who will work with professionals, who will pass on their “artistry” and their “expertise” to the next generation.